Garden Maintenance Guide

A Guide On Garden Maintenance: 11 Ways To Keep a Garden Healthy

How to keep a garden healthy? There is nothing better than having a garden that gives your house, a lavish and natural look. Garden adds a beautiful touch to your house. Having a healthy garden is a dream for many. This beautiful look does not come easily. You have to work hard to build a garden and then keep it healthy. Garden maintenance is a crucial factor. Having a garden seems so overwhelming that many of us simply don’t have one. Gardening is proven to have health benefits as well as psychological benefits for humans. It is considered to have

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How to prevent coronavirus

How To Prevent Coronavirus Using These 14 Easily Available Plants

Coronavirus: As the name suggests Coronavirus is a type of virus, that affects our respiratory system. These viruses can result in common colds or even some serious respiratory diseases. In the current time, this virus is spreading like crazy and the whole world is trying to battle it. The Government of every country has issued guidelines on how to prevent coronavirus and stay safe. It all started in November 2019 from China’s Wuhan. It is now spreading to other parts of the world like Italy, Iran, US and it has now started to spread in India as well. So, it

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what is hydroponics

What Is Hydroponics? – A Detailed Guide With An Infographic

Hydroponics: Hydroponics is a farming technique in which plants are grown in the absence of soil. So, the question popping in your mind must be, ‘then how do the plants get the nutrients?’, right. The nutrients that the soil provides are provided by water directly. We just have to mix the required nutrients in the water and supply it to them. All the nutrients are fed directly to the plant’s roots by supplying the roots with nutrient-rich water. Hydroponics is an Israeli farming technique, but we can find its roots in ancient Greek culture as well. Even though the hydroponic

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strawberry hydroponics

Why My Experiment With Strawberry In Hydroponics Failed?

Hydroponics is all about experimentation. You have to see what is working for you and what is not. To know which plants are growing well in your hydroponics system and in your weather conditions or to know which nutrient composition is working well or whatever it may be, you have to keep experimenting to get the answers. Experimentation is the key when you are a beginner. In one such experiment, I tried growing strawberry in my hydroponics system. I was very excited to grow strawberries at home and I was very confident as well because previously, I had got tremendous

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