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Garari Tree (Cleistanthus collinus): A Natural And Low Costing Option For Protecting Your Crops

Garari Tree (Hindi name) or Cleistanthus collinus (botanical name) is a tree known to a very few people. I am not saying that it is obligatory for you to know about this tree but, if you are a farmer, having information about this tree will certainly help. The trick that I am going to show you today, is widely used in my region. The Garari tree has some serious agricultural benefits. It grows mostly in South India. The Garari tree has personally saved me a fortune and that too a lot of times. I mostly grow rice in my farm

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How to Build a Biogas Plant at Home?

Today, I would like to start by making you all imagine a scenario. Just imagine a world, where you don’t have to pay your electricity bills, LPG bills and you don’t even have to pay a single penny for the fuel. Well, this dream can be a reality. In fact, this dream had come true a long ago but, many of us simply don’t know about it. The simple answer to fulfill this dream is BIOGAS Plant. I have talked about biogas in my previous posts also, emphasizing on the importance of it. Today, I’ll tell you all, how to

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Bunds in field

Implementing Rainwater Harvesting For Agriculture Can Work Wonders For You

Today, I would like to start by asking some questions. Are you amongst those farmers who are always dependent on the rain as the primary source of water for your farm? Are you the farmer who is always complaining about less rainfall? Do you want enough water to cater for your summer crops also? If yes, then read this till the end as I will give you some important insights on rainwater harvesting which, in turn, will help you save a lot of water for farming purposes. Rainwater Harvesting: Rain-water harvesting is nothing, but simply, a technique to store rain-water.

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10 Things To Do In 2019 To Take Your Farming Game To The Next Level

Happy New Year to all my farming buddies! I hope 2019 will be that life-changing year of yours. This new year will also bring with it, many new opportunities. Let us together grab all those opportunities and fulfil our dreams. The new year is that phase of time where you look back on the mistakes that you did in the last year and look ahead on all the opportunities that you could grab in the new year. Analyze your mistakes. Learn from it. Try not to repeat them this year so that, you do not lose any opportunities. This post is

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