This is why every farmer should rear cattle

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Cattle, an integral part of farming. Even today, many farmers still don’t understand the significance of cattle rearing. There is a common belief amongst a lot of farmers that cattle are for milk and meat only.

Well, there are thousands of things that we can manufacture from byproducts of them. From the jacket you are wearing to the camera you are using, you are completely surrounded by products made from their byproducts.

Always remember that farming and cattle rearing go hand in hand. They both are helpful to each other. Cattle not only provide us with byproducts, but they are also very helpful in farming activities.  In fact, many farmers use them in their farms rather than using machines, to save a lot of money.

They are an inseparable part of agriculture and they provide us with a lot of benefits. So, without any delay, let’s get started.


The most important use of cattle rearing that we know of is milk. Almost every household needs milk. Majority of the farmers rear cattle only to get milk from them. The dairy business is a very viable business these days. Milk has huge demand all over the globe. That is why, this makes cattle rearing, a perfect side business for farmers.



This is the second most popular application of cattle rearing. Once the animals get old, they are slaughtered so as to get their meat. Meat has huge demand all over the world.  


Organic fertilizers are made from manure and we get manure from cattle only. Also, in my previous articles, I have emphasized a lot on the generation of energy from manure. Right from biogas to Jean Pain method, manure has lots of uses. Methane generated from manure has thousands of applications in energy generation. To understand exactly how to generate energy from manure, click here.

Cattle Urine:

Cattle urine is widely used for making medicines. Cow’s urine has a lot of importance according to the Ayurveda. It is proven that drinking cow’s urine has some miraculous benefits to the body.

Cattle help a lot in farming activities:

Every intelligent farmer understands that cattle are an asset. They are not only useful for obtaining byproducts but also for performing farming activities. Today also, a large number of Indian farmers are dependent on them for performing farming activities.

Bullock Cart

In Industries:

Industries are always in huge demand of various enzymes and chemical. We can manufacture some of these enzymes and chemicals only by using animal byproducts. Well, to be able to get contracts from such industries, you have to have a lot of cattle at your farm. That is why this is somehow not a viable option for most of the farmers.

In the Sports industry: 

Premium quality sports equipment are manufactured using animal byproducts. For example, tennis catgut rackets are manufactured using intestines of sheep.

Musical instruments: 

Particular sounds from particular musical instruments are generated only by using specific animal byproducts. For example, the bow that is used to play the violin is made from the hair of a horse’s tail because that particular required sound is generated from the horse’s hair only. So, selling byproducts to such industries will never go out of business.


Leather industries are always blooming around the globe because of the high demand the leather has. Right from leather coats to shoes and wallets, we can make a lot of things using leather.

Leather Shoes

Cow dung cakes:

In Indian villages, there is a famous tradition of making cow dung cakes. The villagers make cow dung cakes by shaping the cow dung in the shape of a cake and drying it in the sun. These cakes, when dried up, retain fire for a long time. The villagers use these cakes to cook food because they burn quite well.

Shoes, Wallets and Watchbands:

Companies which manufacture shoes, wallets and watchbands have been in the industry for quite a long time. Today also, premium quality of shoes, wallets and watchbands are made from leather. Leather for these companies sells at a very high cost.

Other uses of cattle include:

  • Leather jackets
  • Belts
  • Office chair
  • Gloves and other clothes
  • Car seats
  • Paint
  • Brushes
  • Chewing gum
  • Cosmetics
  • Photo films
  • Soap
  • Plasma
  • Tyre



Indian Cattle

Explore all the above options. Analyze what will work for you and what won’t. See if you can make some changes to your farm. Some options are simple and some are difficult to implement. Try one thing at a time and try selling those resources. Being a good salesman always helps.

Everything we get from cattle is of use. From the waste they generate to even the hair on their body, everything is of some use. Nothing goes to waste. Maintenance of cattle is also very less because they can be fed with agricultural leftovers. Also, we can accommodate them even in small huts.

Looking at so many benefits of cattle, it would be foolish of the farmer to not rear them. Think, how they can be of help to you? How can you make that extra money from them? Keep experimenting and you will surely get good results.

Most importantly, we Indians, consider cattle as Gods and now, you know why.

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